Accident Investigation Training

The old adage “accidents happen” is just as applicable at the workplace as it is in other walks of life. It’s not a matter of if an at-work accident or incident will occur but when. When they do occur, it’s critical to immediately conduct a thorough investigation. This is the only way for a company to find out why the event occurred and identify what can be done moving forward to prevent a similar occurrence. Even “near misses” require this kind of comprehensive investigation.

For these types of workplace investigations, an investigator will be needed. Acting singularly or as part of a team, this investigator’s role will be to conduct interviews, collect relevant facts, and compose a detailed description of the event. Their report will include the names of all involved parties, exact details as to when and where the incident took place, and its sequence of events. At the conclusion of this report will be a suggested course of action to thwart any similar occurrence from happening in the future.

Who Should Attend This Course?

This particular type of training will benefit anyone in the role of supervisor, safety professional, workplace accident investigator, or member of an investigative team.

Topics Covered:

  • Conducting an Investigation
  • Determining Casual Factors
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Special Investigative Techniques

Team Member Responsibilities:

  • Tools for Corrective Decision Making
  • Investigator Kit Elements
  • Accident/Incident Recognition
  • Conducting an Investigation
  • Witness Interviews/Fact Gathering
  • Root Cause Determination
  • Implementing Appropriate Corrective Actions

This course highlights a team approach since we believe teams conduct the most productive investigations.