The maximum fine for an OSHA safety violation increased 78% in 2016. This is the first time OSHA penalties have risen since 1990. Talking to a Boston safety consultant today is the best way for your company to avoid a violation and its potential monetary impact.

If you’re wondering how this impacts your business, here’s the hard numbers.

$12,471 per day/per violation is now the maximum penalty for most OSHA violations. Serious Violations, Other-Than-Serious Violations, and Posting Requirement Violations have gone up $7,000. Meanwhile, the top penalty for willful or repeated violations has risen $70,000 to $124,709. No leniency is expected.

Chart of Inflation Adjustment Act’s Penalty Adjustments
U.S. Department of Labor’s Inflation Adjustment Act Fact Sheet

Implementing Changes To Avoid Penalties Is Necessary

Although you should already be doing all that’s necessary to be OSHA compliant, it’s never a bad thing to take a step back and make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Having an expert Boston safety consultant walk through your facility and review your current safety plans and procedures is a wise move. Not only is it beneficial to the physical well-being of your employees (it can save lives), it can also save you significant money and headaches later if a violation can be averted.

Our safety consultants in Boston, MA can assess your current situation and make recommendations. If necessary, steps can be taken to improve workplace/worksite safety. These may include safety education, safety training, safety staffing, or safety management.

Contact MAC Safety New England For An Evaluation

Our mock OSHA inspections are one way to evaluate your current situation. One of our certified professionals is sent to your worksite where he or she conducts a mock OSHA inspection. This inspection is just as detailed as the real thing.

We assess whether your site is currently OSHA health and safety compliant. Hazards will be identified and all OSHA-required written programs, worker safety training logs, and workplace accident or illness records will be reviewed. If we determine you’re not compliant, we’ll take the necessary steps to make you compliant.

We’ll be more than happy to talk about this or other evaluations of your existing safety plan and procedures. You don’t have to sweat this OSHA penalty adjustment. Talk to the expert Boston safety consultants at MAC Safety New England at 617-997-8399.