Customized Written Safety Program

Custom Workplace Safety Programs for New England Businesses

Let our experienced MAC Safety consultants team with you to draft a customized written safety program for your New England business.

Need us to update an existing safety manual to include new requirements?

Want us to write a brand new set of standards, policies, and procedures to serve as your company’s guide to a safe workplace?

Our advisors are here to lend you our collaborative input and expertise. We will develop you a custom workplace safety program that is tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Two Decades of Experience

MAC Safety fully understands that compliance isn’t an option; it’s a requirement. This is why OSHA’s standards and best practices, along with our two decades of personal experiences from the field, are at the core of any safety and health program we write.

Our systematic approach to developing OSHA compliant written safety programs, combined with your input and knowledge of your company’s operations and employees, will give your business the kind of customized workplace safety solution that has eluded you.

From Development to Implementation

Once a customized written safety program is prepared for your Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont business, it must be brought to life. Our team will assist you every step of the way when it comes to implementing your safety program and training employees.

A Proven Track Record

The complexities of federal and state OSHA laws make regulatory compliance a difficult subject to understand. Non-compliance penalties aren’t always the result of neglect – quite often companies are cited for oversight or a failure to understand regulation requirements.

The gospel we preach at MAC Safety is this. Investing in workplace safety is smart business. We’ve seen far too many New England area businesses brought to their knees by employee injury or work-related illness. Beyond Worker’s Compensation claims are the costs tied to employees missing work like lost production and revenue. This is why the security of a custom workplace safety program cannot be understated.

Our team can customize or fine-tune a safety program for any New England business regardless of industry or trade. Take a step toward enhancing workplace safety and discover the true return-on-investment (ROI) that a customized written safety program can achieve.