Understanding Healthcare Safety in New England Hospitals

Whether you’re a hospital in Boston, Providence, or Hartford, healthcare safety is a concern for both healthcare employers and employees. Although the construction and manufacturing industries are thought as some of the most dangerous, hospital workers face many dangers over the course of their careers.

In order to grasp healthcare safety in Boston and New England, the first step is to understand the various hazards and the true cost of workplace injuries. Being aware allows hospital employers to prevent injuries as best as possible, providing a safe work environment for their employees.

The Most Common Injuries in Healthcare Safety

According to OSHA.gov, there are several common culprits that lead to injuries for hospital workers. The most common cause of injury is related to overexertion and bodily reaction. Forty-eight percent of all worker injuries in the hospital involve overexertion, which includes motions such as lifting and bending. Employees frequently become injured while attempting to move or handle a patient.

The second-most common injury for hospital workers includes slipping, tripping, and falling. Falls and slips account for 25% of all hospital worker injuries, and 13% of injuries are related to coming in contact with objects. This can involve hospital workers bumping into sharp or heavy objects.

Healthcare Safety: Injuries That Keep Hospital Employees Out of The Workplace

Unfortunately, hospital employees may become injured at work to the point that they need to spend extra time away to heal. Sprains and strains account for 54% of injuries that require hospital employees to stay at home to recover.

However, it’s not just sprains and strains that keep hospital employees out of the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bruises, soreness, fractures, and trauma all lead hospital workers to spend more time at home for recovery.

The True Cost of Hospital Worker Injuries

When a hospital worker is injured on the job, employers often pay the price in more ways than one.

Between 2006 and 2011, the average workers’ compensation claim was $15,860. An even more staggering statistic is that nationwide, hospitals have paid $2 billion toward workman’s compensation to date.

The cost of replacing employees comes within a price range of $27,000-$103,000, which includes orientation and training. Hospitals also have to account for lost productivity while a new replacement is in the hiring process.

Healthcare Safety Consults: Custom Solutions For Your New England Hospital
Healthcare safety is essential to ensuring that hospital workers remain healthy and safe while on the job. At MAC Safety Consultants, we offer customized healthcare safety solutions that are tailor made for your unique hospital. Our healthcare safety consultants produce cost effective plans to minimize workplace injuries.

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