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Safety Consulting & Training in New England

MAC Safety New England is a provider of occupational safety and health management services in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. As New England safety consultants, our objective is to help regional businesses foster a safe work environment; a safe workplace not only benefits the safety and health of workers, but also the company’s bottom-line as well.

The safety consultants at MAC Safety New England assist companies in the development, implementation, and maintenance of a comprehensive workplace safety program. By providing on-site OSHA required training – fully customized and tailored to the specific needs of your business or industry – along with safety consulting and staffing solutions, MAC Safety New England ensures our clients meet and exceed OSHA requirements.

Businesses that properly manage worker health and safety matters are found to be more productive and efficient. Both employee morale and productivity improve; while costly workers’ compensation claims and missed work are reduced.

Our experienced New England safety consultants can conduct on-site OSHA training classes at any workplace in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Our OSHA training services include:

➢ OSHA Required Training
➢ OSHA Reporting Requirements
➢ OSHA Safety Requirements
➢ Site-Specific OSHA Safety Training Courses
➢ OSHA Safety Training Courses for Supervisors
➢ Custom Written Safety Programs
➢ MOCK OSHA Inspections
➢ Safety Staffing Solutions
➢ Healthcare Safety Solutions
➢ Stadium Safety Solutions

And more…

About Chris Miranda, Owner & President of MAC Safety New England

Heading our group of New England safety consultants is Chris Miranda, the founder of MAC Safety, Inc. Chris is well versed on safety management, accident investigation, and OSHA compliancy. He has blended this extensive safety background with business acumen and a true entrepreneurial spirit to grow MAC Safety from a company primarily servicing the state of Pennsylvania to a national provider and one of the top safety consulting firms in the New England region.

Chris is a national renowned safety consultant/trainer. The safety awareness training programs that Chris has written or helped design have helped businesses around the country significantly reduce accident rates and OSHA violations.

Chris and his team of expert safety consultants and trainers have helped companies in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut operate more efficiently and either lessen or altogether eliminate costly fines and citations.

Let the experienced safety consultants at MAC Safety New England come to your workplace so you too can benefit from our on-site safety training and instruction.

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