New England Safety Staffing Solutions

Whenever circumstances create a pressing need for extra or substitute on-site safety professionals, you can rely on the staffing services at MAC Safety for as-needed New England safety staffing. Even on short notice, MAC Safety can rapidly deploy one or more on-call safety specialists to a variety of industries in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont. Please call Chris or Ann Miranda at 724.513.4491 – or email us at – if you’re a company that needs safety staffing support or you’re a safety professional seeking employment. We’d love to talk to you.

Why We’re New England’s Top Choice for Safety Staffing

  • Fast Deployment: MAC Safety’s staffing services can move swiftly to accommodate any last-minute need for safety staffing.
  • OSHA Expertise: The safety professionals at MAC Safety offer industry leading expertise and invaluable familiarity with OSHA regulations and compliancy. Having this experience and knowledge at your disposal is a valuable asset to any company; especially at this time of increased regulations and strict OSHA enforcement.
  • Reliable Backup: You’re probably thinking, exactly how many safety specialists do we have? Are there enough to go around? You can rest easy knowing your backup (our team) is also backed up by another team of safety professionals than can be called in as a substitute or replacement if someone falls ill or is unable to carry out required job duties.
  • A Turnkey Solution: You don’t need any more administrative burdens. MAC Safety employs the safety professionals at your site. This means no payroll or human resource work on your end.

Outsourced Safety Makes Things Simpler for You

All too often we see companies assign safety responsibilities to an employee with little to no background or familiarity with safety management. Their primary role isn’t safety, it’s just a task added to their other unrelated job responsibilities. It makes much more sense to outsource these responsibilities to the experienced safety professionals at MAC Safety. Whether you need just one on-site specialist, or an entire safety department, MAC Safety’s staffing services can help. Additionally, you can turn to us for OSHA consulting, safety training, and safety programming development in New England. Let’s talk!