Venue and Stadium Safety

New England Venue & Stadium Safety Program

MAC Safety’s New England venue and stadium safety program is a must-attend training course for anyone responsible for event safety and security. After providing safety consultation, training, and staffing services to a variety of businesses and industries for two decades, we recognized a need for across-the-board safety and hazard mitigation services for venues and stadiums in Connecticut, Main, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Our Safety Mission

Providing a safe and secure environment for the athletes, entertainers, and spectators in attendance at venue or stadium events can be a huge undertaking with many challenges. While there are many components to venue or stadium operations, safety considerations must always be a priority.

MAC Safety’s venue and stadium safety program in New England is fully customizable and tackles two of the most common safety/security threats at events – the sub-par training of event staff and out-of-date security policies.
Our New England venue and stadium safety program is built around four key components:

  1. Management Commitment
  2. Education and Training
  3. Employee Involvement
  4. Hazard Identification and Correction

To build on these four components, other elements of our program include:

  • Establishing a Safety Committee – In order for a safety committee to be effective, it must be active. Upper management should conduct monthly safety meetings that all staff and field representatives are expected to attend. The itinerary for these meetings should include reported incidents, observed hazards, and the acknowledgment of anyone on staff that has gone above and beyond in contributing to event safety.
  • Safety Observation Sighting Program – MAC Safety’s SOS program is a formal process that involves personnel reporting any substandard or noteworthy hazardous conditions that could lead to injury.
  • Weekly Safety Training – We encourage weekly venue/stadium staff safety training that touches upon subjects such as crowd control, public intoxication, spectator violence, underage drinking, traffic congestion, littering, acts of terror, and riots. Don’t let holes in your event safety be the next unwanted headline. Consult with the experts at MAC Safety to learn more about our New England venue and stadium safety program and customized training.